Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sweater Mystery

Friend-of-the-shop Pam needs your help! She accidentally left her knitting project behind at the Bank of America on Hope Street, and when she returned for it, it had disappeared! In the bag were her pattern and circular needle, with several inches of work on it. She still has the finished back of the cabled sweater, but doesn't see how she can complete the front and sleeves without the pattern! Here's what the back looks like:

The pattern was an older one, dating, Pam thinks, to the early- to mid-nineties. It was published by Tahki and designed for use with their Chelsea Silk yarn. It was a single pattern, with the sweater shown in red on the front. Pam describes the model as "looking like Isabella Rossellini." The pattern may have had the word "tweed" in the name.

If you can help recover Pam's lost knitting bag, or find a replacement copy of the pattern, please contact the shop.


  1. Have you tried posting this on Ravelry? I've seen occasional questions like this and there always seems to be someone who can help.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion!

    I believe Pam does not have a ravelry account, but another knitter said she would post the query there. Fingers crossed.