Saturday, February 14, 2009

Wednesday night is Knit Therapy night

It's a paradox that though knitting is an individual activity, knitters tend to be highly social when they're working on their yarn projects. Very few craft communities have seized so wholeheartedly on the social networking opportunities offered by the web. Here at Fresh Purls we want to remind you that every Wednesday night from 6:30 - 8:30 pm, you can get together with real, live, fellow knitters to talk, listen, get technical help with your projects and KNIT.

We call it Knit Therapy, and the cost is $10, or you can buy a pack of 6 sessions for $50. There is always expert help available, and to sweeten the deal, materials purchased during knit night are 10% off.

Not sure what project to bring? Take a tip from friend-of-the-shop Becky, and pull out a project that you've laid aside. We'll get you going again and you can finally finish that sweater/shawl/blanket/scarf or what-have-you.

Pictured at left (blurrily), Becky showing the Deborah Newton cabled sweater she's making using Nashua's Ecologie Wool.

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