Saturday, February 7, 2009

What are we knitting?

You know how certain patterns tend to go viral? All of a sudden everyone is knitting monkey socks or dropped-stitch scarves? Well, we at Fresh Purls are passing around a very contagious case of thrummed mittens and we figured "why not share it with everyone?"

Helen is developing a pattern for thrummed mittens using Noro Silk Gardens yarn, doubled (in color 2013), and contrasting wool roving for thrums. When completed, Fresh Purls is going to package the yarn, roving and pattern into a kit.

These thrummed mittens are unbelievably warm, and funnily enough the thrummed stitches look like hearts on the outside. (Though you can't see that so well in this picture -- ask Helen to show them to you next time you're in the shop.)

PS. if you're allergic to wool there is a pattern in No Sheep for You that uses silk roving to achieve the same affect without the baas.


  1. When do you think the Thrum kit will be available. The mittens look fun to make

  2. We think the kits will be ready at the end of February. You can call the shop in 2 weeks, or just keep an eye on this blog or the home page of the website for confirmation. Thanks for asking!