Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Latest arrivals

We have so much yarn flooding the shop, it's hard to keep up. First, as previewed last week, we got a big box from Skacel. We're now madly stickering the yarn and trying to elbow some room on the shelves.

Gedifra send us Luminoso (viscose/cotton/polyamid), Amara (cotton/polyamid) and Fiorista (cotton/polyester), and a pattern book showing how to put it all to good use. The shelving work sometimes gets suspended while we play another round of "which pattern would you make?" That game never gets old.

New Noro! We've gotten an initial shipment of Taiyo with additional colors on order. Taiyo is a bit more of a warm weather yarn, with a content of 40% cotton 30% silk 15% wool and 15% nylon. Same fabulous Noro colorways.

After too long a wait, Dream in Color Classy is back in stock in six colors. This is the yarn for the Rocketry Baby Blanket we featured in an earlier post. This is a great project, not just for a baby blanket (it also makes a great lap blanket), and the squares are fun to make. "Addictive" is how one knitter put it.

Finally, one way to make room on the shelves is to move more yarns to the sale table, and this week we put Bergere de France Annecy and Crystal Palace Cotton Chenille* on sale at 40% off. Annecy is a tencel/acrylic blend that feels a lot like wool but is washer-and-dryer friendly. Cotton Chenille is all cotton and all fuzzy, in a lot of colors. Check it out!

*Correction: the Cotton Chenille is not on sale after all. Sorry!


  1. I love when new yarn comes in! I put aside my knitting for a while, so I haven't had time to stop in. Now I'm sure I'll have to come by this weekend, at least. We miss you guys!

  2. Stop by any time just to say "Hi!" Hugs to A.