Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're two years old!

It was March 26, 2007 when Karen opened up Fresh Purls on Hope Street in Providence. A refugee from corporate America, she decided, with the support of her husband Frank, to take the plunge into entrepreneurship.

Friends who knew that more than one local yarn shop had recently gone out of business politely hid their dismay. But Karen knew what she was doing. Knitters and crocheters desperate for their yarn fix found their way to Fresh Purls, in spite of there being no sign out front for much of the first year (long story). Encouraged, perhaps, by the comfy chairs and free coffee, many of them settled in and seemed unwilling to leave at all.

Perhaps it was inevitable that even fur-kids started to treat it as an extension of home.

Isn't it sweet? Our shop's dog-mascots got together to say Congratulations and many more!

Cooper is very pleased his shop is doing so well (psssst. don't tell him it's Karen's shop.)

Ever wonder what a combination Shar Pei/Dachshund looks like?

Emma could not be happier!

...and she seems to be gnawing on some kind of yarn-thing in celebration.

Mellow Nelly and Lottie-the-chomper say "Felicitations! Alles gute! Congratulazione!" (they're Swiss and tri-lingual) or a simple, heartfelt "Woof!"

Photographed out front. They have a tendency to fill the place up when they are inside.

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