Sunday, April 12, 2009

Knitting jewelry

Rachael is modeling two different ways of accessorizing with knitting: knitting tools that you can wear like jewelry, exemplified by the Annie Adams silver pendent, whose removable charms double as stitch markers; and jewelry that we knit, like the wire-and-bead bracelet on her wrist.

Looking for a quick, summer-weight project that is great gift? We have bracelet kits for sale that give you enough wire for two bracelets, plus seed beads, accent beads and a magnetic clasp for a single bracelet (and refill kits to make a second bracelet). A pattern with options for personalizing the bracelets is included in the kit -- all you contribute are inexpensive metal needles (metal is suggested because the wire can nick your wooden needles). The kits have different colors of wire and beads, to suit your taste.

A super-easy and attractive necklace is a large, decorative button strung on a chain or cord. We have a few in a shop already made up (Rachael is wearing one) or you can make your own.

What are your jewelry ideas? Share them in the comments.

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