Sunday, May 24, 2009

Grace takes off!

Grace is a neighborhood girl who stopped into the shop out of curiosity in January. That's when she caught one of the worst cases of yarnfluenza we've ever seen. As you probably know already, no pill can cure that ill, and needles only make it worse.

From a non-knitter in January to a graduate of Helen's Next Steps knitting workshop in May, Grace has made a scarf, a pair of mittens, and one sock (gonna make the other one, Grace?); and in Next Steps knitting, she and Helen picked out a Fair Isle hat pattern to be her stretch project. The hat is knit in four shades of alpaca from a Blue Sky Alpacas pattern. Next up? Ysolda Teague's Mousie.

Want to try Grace's hat for yourself? "It looks like a hard project" she says, "but really it was a lot of fun." We have the pattern and yarn in stock!

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