Friday, May 8, 2009

A Peek Ahead -- Skacel Fall yarns

Thursday morning, Fresh Purls hosted Rob Delmont, the Director of Sales and Marketing for Skacel Collection. Rob is making a swing around the country introducing Skacel's customers to their new yarns and accessories for Fall. Among other things he assures us that they are bringing in more Addi Click needle sets as quickly as their stringent quality assurance procedures will allow, and that individual needle tips and supplementary sets of cables will soon be available, too. (Anybody else lovin' their Clicks??)

Helen and Karen dug through piles of yarn and stacks of color cards to compile their first order for the Fall. There were two videos shot of Karen and Rob discussing Karen's favorite new yarns, but due to mysterious technical difficulties, only one seems to have been captured on the SD card.

Hmmmm. Your blogista may be forced to read the fine manual. Oh the shame!

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