Friday, July 10, 2009

Karen's knee & TNNA videos

Five weeks after her knee-replacement surgery, Karen came by the shop to show us her fancy crutch and fancier dance moves. Well, she's not quite dancing yet: the physical therapists have just okayed her promotion from crutch to cane, and she still has many weeks of recovery to go.

Still, she's looking and (mostly) feeling well and anticipates being back in the store for a few hours here and there in the coming week; and she's busy at home planning our upcoming Christmas in July...oops, August event.

Welcome back, Karen! We miss you!

On another note: videos from the Fashion Show at TNNA Columbus are now up on YouTube! They're lots of fun to watch and they give a peek at the upcoming Fall/Winter designs. See them here.

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  1. Karen! I had no idea! Sorry I did't ask how you were doing when I saw you!!