Sunday, November 1, 2009


Becky brought in her Lady Eleanor entrelac shawl (out of that excellent book Scarf Style), knitted in Noro Iro. Words cannot do it justice, but WOW! ...just, Wow. The natural color repeats in the Iro beautifully fit the design of the shawl. This is Becky's first entrelac project (!!); she worked on it off-and-on for about two months. She had never done knotted fringe before and wound up working on the finishing at the shop, which allowed us to be the first to see the completed shawl, and capture these photos!

Knotted fringe is tricky, though not really difficult. There's a rhythm to it, and after finishing the second end, Becky went back and unknotted & re-knotted the first end. Your blogista could learn a lesson from Becky about being patient with her finishing! Anybody else have to fight the impulse to rush through those last steps in a project?

Congratulations on an absolutely stunning shawl, Becky!

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  1. Unbelievable - Becky should be really proud of this project - it is truly beautiful!!!!