Monday, April 26, 2010

More Viral Knitting

We have another project that is making the rounds. We're helpless to resist the appeal of MaweLucky's Dianna shawl (links require Ravelry login), pictured at left from the designer's website showing her own sample knit in a soft, Spring shades. The fascination is two-fold: it's an adaptation of entrelac with a triangular shape; and there's a lovely leaf motif knitted into each block.

The pattern is a free download from Ravelry, but be warned! This is a project for an experienced knitter who can make use of what seems more like a series of notes and suggestions than a written pattern. Fortunately there is a forum on Ravelry where you can post your questions and read the suggestions and clarifications submitted by previous interpreters.

So far Karen, Helen and Sarah have been lured into trying their luck with this beautiful and unusual pattern. Helen is using Noro's Silk Garden Lite and Karen and Sarah are using Noro's Silk Garden Sock, curiously in the same color. (Karen's in-progress Dianna is pictured at right.) Keep checking back to see the progress and the final completed shawls, which by hook or by crook will soon be on display in the store.

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