Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Knitting in Pop Culture

Do you get excited when you have a knitting in pop culture (KIPC) sighting? You know, you're fast forwarding through commercials and suddenly a mom is knitting in the mini-van while waiting out football practice? We get a little thrill when we see something like that.

A couple of weeks ago Becky came in and told us about a KIPC moment she'd had the night before. She was home watching the romantic comedy The Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigel and Gerard Butler (not a movie she recommends). It's your standard story of gorgeous woman is too controlling and smart to be interesting to men, and a male counterpart is going to teach her how to be more desirable. During one of the "lessons" at her apartment Gerard Butler's character sits down in a rocking chair (!) to wait for the leading lady. He notices something and reaches down...and picks up a beautiful skein of yarn and knitting needles. And rolls his eyes.

Becky's reaction? "Dude, that's Misti Alpaca Chunky! It's a great yarn. Don't roll your eyes at that!!!"

What are some of your favorite, or most memorable KIPC moments?


  1. Here are three "KIPC" moments, granted they are all kid shows. 1. Zoey 101, two of the students knit. 2. Barnyard, the cranky lady who knows that the animals can actually talk knits. 3. Drake and Josh, their mom knits....correctly too so you can tell she must be a real knitter!

  2. Katherine Heigl was knitting on Grey's Anatomy at least once. ( a show I can't watch unless I'm knitting!) My fave pop culture knitters are Marge Simpson and Gromit the dog. And I also love trying to sight people "fake knitting" on shows. You know what I mean!