Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf

Becky and Helen are obsessed. With a crocheted scarf. Both of them have put knitting projects aside to work on the Chain Lace Big Fat Scarf. It's a super-fun basic crochet pattern in the book Crochet In Color. The project takes a size F crochet hook, and nine skeins of sock yarn. The best part? Both of them had all of the yarn for the projects in their stash! If you'd like to see the progress, next time you're in ask one of them to show their scarf to you. They love to show them off!

And it seems like the project is going viral. Sarah G., one of our Fresh Purls
regulars, is casting on this week. And Karen has started to talk about making one too!

Becky is crocheting the scarf in reds, browns, and whites. Helen's yarns have more golds, blues, and greens. They are using a combination of Gems, Koigu, Dream In Color, Socks that Rock, Claudia Hand Painted Yarns, Cherry Tree Hill Superstripe Sock, and Trekking. There might be a few others snuck in there. Between the two of them they have 18 skeins of yarn!

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  1. These scarves are beautiful! It makes me want to take my hooks out of hiding and crochet one too. Can't wait to see them completed.