Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Don't look now but the holidays are almost here...

At least they are almost here if you plan on crafting up a bunch of gifts and haven't started yet. Everyone in that boat, please raise your hand.

Yeah, we hear that a lot. There is still time! Two whole months. The trick is to get organized and get started.

Who do you want to knit for?

What is the project?
What supplies are needed? And are they organized into individual project bags?
Can you set project mini-deadlines to make it/them manageable?

Once all of that is determined, feel free to come to our Wednesday night Knit Therapy or Friday K2tog for support and a committed time to knit on those projects.

And if worse comes to worst, you won't be the only one giving gifts with needles still attached...and then attending our UFO Group in January!

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