Thursday, November 11, 2010

Quick Knit Guide

We are seeing more and more people in the shop gearing up for the cold weather and the holidays. Many people ask for quick projects to protect them and their loved ones from the sudden chill in the air. Below are some suggestions of our favorite quick knits to give you some ideas. (All links go to Ravelry, login required.)


Turn a Square (free, unisex)
Boarder's Beanie (available in store, unisex)
Amanda Hat (free, for women)

Bella's Mittens (free, women)
Thrummed Mittens (kits in store, unisex)
Very Cabley Mittens (free, unisex)

Arm Warmers (free with purchase of yarn in store, for women)

Fingerless Sock Mittens (free, unisex)
Fetching (free, for women)
Dashing (free, for men)


Delores Park Cowl (free, unisex)
Candle Flame Cowl (free, unisex)
Birthday Cowl (free, unisex)
Convertible Cowl (crochet, free, unisex)


Aile Necklace (kit available in store)
Anthro-Inspired Scarflet (free, for women)

We'd love any suggestions you have for fun, quick projects. Leave your own faves in the comments.
Happy Knitting!

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