Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Gifty-loos for Crafters

Gifty-loos for Crafters It's always so hard to figure out what a knitter or crocheter might want or need for a fun holiday gift. Right now we have a table full of ideas! There are travel mugs, coffee mugs, earth-friendly journals, lace blocking wires, Eucalan wash, shawl pins, and bags to hold all of the little tools we need for projects.

We've also just received some very pretty Laurel Hill crochet hooks made from Palmwood. They're light weight, slick, and pretty to crochet with! Becky discovered these hooks on her recent trip to Arizona and used one to finish her Big Fat Crochet Scarf. The palmwood hook was so much nicer to work with than the metal hook she began the project with.

Are you a crafter who is trying to come up with suggestions for your own list? Karen, Helen, and Becky have their list. Here it is to help jumpstart your brainstorming!


Gift wish: Atenti Knitting Bag
Stocking Stuffer: Gift Enclosure Tags


Gift wish: Vogue Knitting Stitchionaries (Volumes 1-5)

Stocking Stuffer: Zauberball sock yarn in bright colors


Gift wish: Elizabeth Scarf pattern and four balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze #640 (Glacier)

Stocking Stuffer: Palmwood Crochet Hooks in E, G, and H

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