Monday, December 27, 2010

Just Click and Go!

A question we are always asked is what kind of needle is better: bamboo, metal, wood, straight, circular... The answer is always the same: It's a total personal preference. Karen and Helen prefer the metal Addi Turbo circular needles. Becky prefers wood or bamboo circular needles. Sherry tends toward straight needles, usually bamboo or wood.

This fall Skacel released a new interchangeable needle set for those knitters who don't like to use their Turbo needles. Made from bamboo, this set comes with eight needle tips in sizes US4-11. Also included are three cables in 24”, 32”, and 40” lengths.

Becky, the resident bamboo circular needle knitter, has taken them on a test knit. She used them with various fibers and sizes to see how they worked. She loves them! The tips are nice and smooth, but with just enough grip that she doesn't feel like her stitches are going to slide off. Where the cable joins the needle is nice and smooth: no catching of the yarn. And the convenience of the “click and go” is great. It sure is nice to not have to go looking for a little tool to tighten the needle onto the cable like you have to do with the Knit Picks Harmony needles.

If you are a knitter who prefers the bamboo or wooden needles, and are in the market for a set of interchangeable needles, these are a perfect option. Finally, you could have all the needle sizes one generally needs in a fun green case! The price tag is on the spendy side at $180, but just think about how much you spend on every individual needle for different projects. It adds up!

We don't normally have these sets in stock, but they are easily orderable! If you are interested in purchasing a set, come on in and we'll get the order placed!


  1. See you soon. And Becky, this one's for you:

    That's the Wurstwaermer. I think your boy needs one!

  2. Eileen! The Christmas knitting came out great!