Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Same Sock Different Yarn Finale

Back in November we embarked on a knit along to make the Harris Tweed Socks in different yarns to see how the pattern held up to different colors treatments. The goal was for all of us to finish one sock by December 15. It was a blast!

A reminder:
Sherry knit hers in a variegated Bashful Fibers sock, Helen knit hers in a sport weight from Lorna's Laces color that swirled, Becky (who did actually finish by the deadline) used Unisono for a self-striping effect, Sarah knit hers up in a solid Sereknity yarn, Karen's was in a self-patterning Maxima yarn, and Kathy (a customer who joined the knit along) did a solid from Cascade Heritage Sock.

All of us finished the first sock by the deadline (Becky eeeked by in last place by finishing hers on December 14). Now you be the judge, does the pattern hold up in all of the yarns? Do you have a favorite? All of us agree that this pattern is a GREAT sock pattern with a pretty effect. For many of us it will become our go-to “vanilla” sock pattern.

(Becky apologizes: “I accidentally deleted the photo of all the finished socks so have to make do with in-progress socks for those not still in the shop.”)


  1. Just thought I'd share my picture of my Harris Tweed sock... wasn't involved in the KAL, but it's to show another varigated yarn. I love this pattern for this yarn (KPPPM) and I feel that it really shows off the colorway.


  2. It does show it off really well! And great job for a first sock.