Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3: Tidy Mind, Tidy Stitches

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Today Karen has dared to Flash Her Stash. Or at least a little bit of her stash. She's taken this brave action to demonstrate one method of storing yarn. The majority of Karen's yarn is stored in clear plastic bins, and colored bins on shelves in her yarn room. It goes to reason that if your yarn is neatly organized and stored it will be easier to find what you need, and remember what you have.

This works really well for some people. Other people, like Karen, prefer the adventure of stash diving. When she's contemplating a new project she'll go to her stash and start digging through bins to see if she has the right yarn for the project. Along the way she'll find something she totally forgot she had. Or discovers a partially completed project. Soon her quest for a specific yarn becomes an adventurous trip down memory lane.

When asked if she has plans to organize her yarn differently she says, “No. It can
be frustrating sometimes if I'm in a hurry and looking for something specific. But it works for me.”

How do you store your stash? Do you think it reflects anything about you or the way you
knit/crochet? Do you wish you organized it differently? Or are you one of those rare crafters that doesn't have a stash?


  1. I keep my yarn in boxes and try to keep similar yarns together. I love going stash diving and rediscovering old friends!

  2. All my yarn is kinda just thrown in a corner or stuffed in my knitting bag XD

  3. I love stash diving too! I love finding a yarn you hadn't even considered and either use it for the project at hand or find a project for it! Well said, xo

  4. Most of my yarn is on shelves behind glass to keep the dust off while still being visible. I like to stand back take it all in and scheme. There is more tucked around the yarn room which affords me the opportunity to stash dive when the mood strikes