Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free Hat Pattern

1 Skien Misti Baby Alpaca 
#10 ½ Circular 16” Needle
#10 ½ Double Point Needles

Stitch Marker

SIZES:  one size to fit the “average” head
GAUGE:  3 sts = 1”
* Cast-on 64 sts
* Join into the round being careful not to twist stitches
* Knit 5 rounds
* Work in 2x2 Rib for 5 rounds (*K2, P2*, repeat around)
* Switch to knitting every round till hat measures 6” from cast- on edge or desired length till crown decreases.
CROWN DECREASES: (Switch to DP Needles when needed)
Round 1:  *K6, K2tog*, repeat between *’s
Round 2:  Knit every stitch
Round 3:  *K5, K2tog*, repeat between *’s
Round 4:  Knit every stitch
Round 5:  *K4, K22og*, repeat between *’s
Round 6:  Knit every stitch
Round 7:  *K3, K2tog*, repeat between *’s
Round 8:  Knit every stitch
Round 9:  *K2, K2tog*, repeat between *’s
Round 10: Knit every stitch
Round 11:  *K1, K2tog*, repeat between *’s
Round 12:  Knit every stitch
Round 13:  *K2tog*, repeat between *’s
*Cut yarn leaving a 8” tail and weave through remaining sts on
  Needles, weave in ends, steam and wear with pride!

Download a PDF of this pattern at the Fresh Purls website in the Patterns section

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