Friday, May 13, 2011

Knitting Posture

Don't you just love those times when you can curl up on your couch with your knitting and log some serious time in your current project?  Maybe you're sitting there with a cat sleeping in your lap (I wonder how many stereotypes we can fit in here?), and not wanting to disturb your companion you sit slightly twisted, keeping your yarn out of her fur.  And then you get up to grab a mug of tea...OUCH!

Muscles pulled, joints out of whack, and oh! the repetitive stress injuries to our wrists, necks, fingers, elbows and shoulders! 

As much as we all like to curl up, sit cross-legged, and knit/crochet for hours on end, it's just not as healthy as it could be.  We unintentionally put too much stress on our bodies doing something that is soothing and relaxing by not paying enough attention to our posture when engaged in crafting marathons. 

Here's some advice on how to stay limber and pain-free while enjoying some fun with your fiber (and this is totally a “do as we say not as we do situation”)!  We're all guilty of not maintaining good posture when knitting.

1.    Sit with your back straight, tummy tucked, feet on the floor, and shoulders relaxed.
2.    Take frequent breaks (a 10 minute break for every 45 minutes of knitting/crocheting).  During these breaks stretch your arms, hands, neck, and back.  Get up and walk around, go grab a glass of water.
3.    Consider changing the type of needle you use if you're experiencing any pain (switch from straight needles to circulars, smaller/larger sizes).

We found some great suggestions on these sites:
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