Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Phoebe's Have Great Taste!

Last year just before Christmas Becky's Mother-In-Law asked her to bring some brightly colored yarn scraps over when she and Mark went north for the Holiday Visit - a request Becky was only too happy to fulfill.  She went through the basket with some of her leftovers and selected the brightest she could find.  

Becky's MIL Barbara is a huge birder living in Weybridge, VT.  Their property is filled with feeders and flocks of birds come to rest and sometimes stay for a bit.  Barbara planned to put the yarn scraps out in the bushes in the yard in the Spring for the birds to take and use in nest construction, something her family used to do when she was a child in Valhalla, NY.  

As you can see from this picture, there is a family of Phoebes in Weybridge, VT with some wild style!  The Phoebes choose a strand of Creative Focus Kid Mohair leftover from a hot pink mohair dress Becky knit last fall.  The nest is in Barbara's garage. 

She is keeping her eye out for other fabulously decorated nests and will let us know what other yarns were used.  


  1. Really cool - thanks for sharing this lovely story!

  2. This type of description can make it much easier for someone to choose the best project for their interests and abilities.