Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dogs Behavin' Badly, Say It Ain't So.....

Here lies Honey, one of our resident mascot pups - but what is that next to her?  Well our sweet little Honey got into her mom's knitting bag and found a circular knitting needle with knitting on it at the time and decided to sink her teeth into one of the this wasn't just any needle, it was one of Ellen's Addi Interchangeable Bamboo Click set needles!  Honey knows the "good" stuff when she grabs it!  

Honey is a terrier mix that we all adore - her visits brighten our day and she loves everyone (especially if they have a biscuit for her), we will however have to keep a watch on the wooden needles as we now know she has an affinity for them!!!

Thanks to Ellen for sharing this fun (and sad) story about the our sweet little Honey!!!

1 comment:

  1. Honey has alarmingly good taste when it comes to knitting accessories! But she's so sweet it doesn't even matter.