Saturday, April 28, 2012

Be Sweet Call Out for Friend of Fresh purls

Ellen (Hellocutie) decided to knit this hat for Karen (Buzzknit) because of the bee motif. Be Sweet Satisfaction had just the colors she wanted, but the wrong weight.  Feeling hubristic, she plunged in figuring she could compensate by deleting one of the repeats.

Unfortunately, the hat still came out way too big. Not wanting to frog it after so much work, she threw it in the washing machine, where it felted beautifully (Note to self: Satisfaction is a terrific felting yarn). When she was done, instead of a generously-sized beret, she had a little, round felted cap that did fit the recipient, but was probably more of a fashion-y hat then a warm winter hat (though warm! see: felted wool).

All in all, this is a FAIL, though an interesting failure.

Karen, the recipient does not see it as fail, and loves her Bumble Hat!!  Nice of Be Sweet to give Ellen a call out on what we will call a "Happy Accident!!"

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