Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yarnia - Portland, OR - A Different Kind of Yarn Shop

Karen was in Portland, OR last week and had a great time.  Of course she was scouting around yarn shops and stumbled on Yarnia, a very different type of yarn shop and she had a great time!!

Angela - great to work with while picking colors and fibers
Upon entering Yarnia there are cones of yarn everywhere with many different fibers and colors!  You must remember that this is not your typical yarn shop with bins of soft, squishy yarn, but as you realize you can make up your own truly unique yarn to knit with it is like a painter's palette with not just color, but fibers!!!!  Remember many of our beautiful skeins started out on a large cone just like these!

You start to search through the cones and start to put your colors and fibers together - the shop will let you test out your yarn to check gauge and how the combination will look knitted up.  You can pick up to six different cones of yarn, Karen stuck with 3 for each cone she created.

Gray - Alpaca, Mauve - Rayon, Green - Alpaca
This combination has been picked and is ready to be wound together on a cone and ready to knit up!!

The machine works quickly the yarn was created in a matter of minutes - this combination was 340 yards of yarn and will knit up at a worsted weight.  Below is a quick video of the three yarns being wound together!!!!

Karen was at the shop for 3 hours and created 5 different cones of yarn.  It is great to go in with a project in mind.  Karen wants to knit the Low Tide vest by tincanknits and was able to create her yarn and get the yardage wound on one cone!!!  We can't wait to see what she picked!!

This is a fun and different approach for choosing your fiber - make sure to check out this unique shop by clicking here!!!

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