Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You have the right to remain anonymous...

Just a note to let our readers know that we have enabled anonymous commenting on the blog. We may have to revise that policy if things get flame-y around here, but for as long as we can, we invite you to contribute without having to register.

ALSO! Don't forget Needed Knits, which is starting up tonight. If you're a local reader you know that though the first day of Spring is not far way, Winter (continues to) shrewdly biteth. Needy children will benefit from the contribution of your knitting prowess, as this year we will be making squares to be assembled into security blankets. Yarn and patterns are absolutely free, just bring your willing hands and your needles to the shop this afternoon between 4:30 and 6:00.

And, finally, a big Hello to Grandma Barb in Tennessee, who is our farthest-flung registered follower. Welcome, and great to see you again! We hope your travels bring you our way before too long! Grandma Barb is great supporter of our shop, as well as her local yarn shops in Tennessee, and she's also a member of our Ravelry group. Didn't know we had a Ravelry group? We do. It's called the Gurls of Fresh Purls. Join us there, too. And men, don't hesitate to sign up. Being a "gurl" is a state of mind.

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