Friday, June 26, 2009

Pam's sweater

Back when we first started writing this blog we wrote about Pam and her lost pattern. See the original blog post here. The lost pattern never showed up and we weren't able to find a replacement copy (it was at least 10 years old), so Pam had to decide whether to give up on the project entirely, or forge ahead without a map. Well, she stopped by to show us that she finished the sweater! From the back, which she had completed before the pattern went missing, she was able to write out a similar panel for the front, and she improvised the sleeves and neck!

Despite its difficult path to completion, this aran sweater, knit in Berroco's Palace (merino/silk) in a color called "Shanghai Blue," is a showstopper. Already, Pam's sister, daughter and mother have asked her to knit one for them. For now, this pullover is going to remain a one and only.

Nice posing, Pam!

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  1. Don't just stand there, let's get to it
    Strike a pose, there's nothing to it