Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Shop Q & A

Today's question is "What does Summer Knitting mean to you?"

Amanda associates the summer with long family road trips knitting in the car. It's the one time of year she has a big "car project" packed and ready to go. She's seen quite a bit of the American landscape over the top of her knitting needles.

Karen says "Summer knitting is light and fun and the colors are so beautiful. I find that Ilga Leja has some of the prettiest summer patterns. I am working on In The Garden from her City Collection using Schaeffer's Susan yarn. I always have a project I can take to the beach that I don't worry about the sand. With my prescription sunglasses I can easily knit outside and enjoy the natural sunlight and warm weather that I love so much."

Summer, to Sherry, means it's time to get started on her Christmas knitting. (Yes, she's one of those plan-ahead types; but we love her anyway.) She always has a few knitted gifts in mind, but she cautions that it's important to choose wisely. Not everyone appreciates handmade gifts. This year, she's making thrummed mittens for her sister who walks to work, and she's considering knitting a silk necktie for her son's godfather.

Barbara says "Summer, to me, is the perfect time for those small projects- hats, mittens, scarves, facecloths (to present with a special bar of soap), and so on. Attention spans seem to be shorter in the longer days of summer, so, rather than go for the long-term projects, I aim for the quicker stuff." What about that Koigu jacket you just started, Barbara? "Well, it consists of mitered squares, which are small -- just lots of them!"

What does Summer Knitting mean to you? Tell us in the comments.

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