Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Festival recap

Good weather and good spirits alike were on display at the Hope Street Fall Festival on Sunday.

The day was full of kids and parents playing with the Big Nazo characters, trying out crafts and forming an impromptu drum chorus on a set of overturned plastic pails.

Our friends at Seven Stars had a cookie-decorating table set up, which offered kids an opportunity to explore their creativity with the promise of a very sweet reward!

In front of Fresh Purls, volunteer helpers Jay and Casey helped other kids create God's Eyes out of yarn and craft sticks. It was a lot of fun, and many of the participants didn't stop after making just one.

The number one question from the adults passing our table was: "Do you teach knitting?" Folks--"YES!" We teach all levels of knitting, from the absolute beginner to the intermediate knitter who wants to expand their skills, to long-timers who just want to mix things up and try something different. We have a class for you! And if there's something you'd like to learn but don't see on our schedule, just ask. We're always looking for ideas.

Many thanks to our neighbor Miriam Hospital, which took on the large task of organizing the Festival. Great job!

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