Monday, October 26, 2009

You've got us in Stitches!

Sherry, Ellen and Amanda took a road trip to Hartford, CT on Saturday to gorge themselves on all things YARN at Stitches East '09. (Some of you already know about this because they saw you there!) They visited every booth, and it seems like they felt and admired every skein of yarn. It was hard to decide what to buy (well, except for Sherry, who bought everything). Amanda, as befits a college student on a budget, shopped thoughtfully. But everyone has their weakness and Amanda's asserted itself at the Habu booth.

Amanda's booty (pictured above left): a lovely skein of green merino hand-dyed by Traveling Rhino; two mini-skeins of Habu Wool Pom-pom and two of Capistrano Silk Mohair; and a big skein of rich, red merino from Tess Designer yarns.

They all loved the Windy Valley Muskox booth, but Sherry had the courage to actually buy their exquisite fibers. She got 5 balls of the softest lavender Suri and a pattern for a lacey top. Her other finds, pictured right, included lots of terrific beads from a vendor called Twisted Sistah, vibrant pink alpaca for a shawl, a pretty scarf kit in Koigu and Kid Silk Haze, a moebius neckwrap kit in graduated shades of blue hand-dyed...and that's not all. Some of the vendors were already sold out of kits on Saturday, so Sherry's got more coming later in the mail. Christmas will be early this year.

Ellen resisted buying yarn and instead brought home a set of blocking boards, wires and t-pins. If better technology is the answer, she has no more excuses for careless blocking!

The wayfarers had a great time, and want to say thanks to Cait and Karen for holding down the shop so they could go. Did you go? Care to tell us in the comments what you brought home?

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