Wednesday, November 11, 2009

First Holiday Knit Therapy...

Amanda opened the shop on Monday night at 6:30 wondering if anyone would show up. There hadn't been much time to get the word out to our customers about the new Monday knit night. She mentally calculated how long she would stick around if no one came by, and started working on the pattern for her earflap hat by knitting it up in a super-soft and scrunchy Araucania Tocanao.

She didn't have to wait long, though. First to arrive was Liz, a novice knitter who had unraveled her first attempt at knitting a garter-stitch scarf (it looked more like lace) and was determined to try again.

Next, Becky arrived with a gray cotton dishcloth she was knitting for a gift. After the Lady Eleanor shawl, she admitted it was nice to work on a small project for a change.

A knock at the back door ushered in Polly, who was working on her Reversible Cable Wrap in Rowan Cocoon. There seemed to be an equivalent amount of knitting and unknitting going on with that project, as the rows refused to be counted stay counted.

Finally, Emily held down one corner of the table as she worked up a pretty green shade of Rowan Handknit Cotton into a geometric pullover. The conversation ranged over books, movies, current events and even a little professional networking.

Join us next week! Monday night Knit Therapy will run through the end of December.

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