Saturday, November 7, 2009

Halloween wrap-up

The competitive spirit seemed to be lacking in our customers this year -- we didn't see too many vying for the costume contest prize, though plenty of you came and hung out with us in civilian dress and that was fun, too.

The merchants association sponsored trick-or-treating up and down Hope Street, and we got lots of kids in costume. The two Draculas were an especially big hit.

However when it comes to cute kids with big canines, nobody outshone Cait's dog Bingley and her mother's dog, Darcy. Affable Bingley was cast against type as a convict, while aloof Darcy made an all-too-convincing Devil. In spite of their antisocial alter-egos, both lived up to their names and were gentlemen during their visit. Come back soon, boys!

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