Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Counting sheep (and non-sheep)

How many ball, skeins, hanks of yarn do you think we have at Fresh Purls? We're wondering the same thing. That's why it's INVENTORY TIME! This Sunday and Monday, Jan 10 & 11, the shop will be closed so our staff can do the annual store inventory. (We're always closed on Monday at this season.) We'll be counting every bag, book, button and, of course, the yarn. Three cheers for inventory!

Funny, that sounded more like groans.

Remember, if you need to buy a pair of needles or have some skeins wound, you'd better make it in by Saturday. While you're there, put in your guess as to the final inventory yarn tally. The person guessing closest to the actual number gets a prize of a $25 gift card.

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