Saturday, January 9, 2010

Why is Karen making this face?

Here's the story of the striped legwarmers:

"I really had fun knitting these using the magic loop technique. As I was knitting the second one I noticed it seemed a bit smaller than the first one, but I thought my usual fix-all (steaming it) would be the cure. So I just kept on knitting, delighted with how pretty the leg warmer was turning out. It wasn't until I was weaving the ends it occurred to me something was really off. So, much later than I should have, I grabbed my needle sizer and came to the shocking realization that I had in fact knitted the second legwarmer with a US 4, not the US 6 I had used on the first one. I have yet to find my US 6, maybe a cat took off with it, I may never know."

The good news is this is a fun pattern to knit and a nice easy stranded project. The pattern, Funky Punky Leg Warmers, is available for purchase ($8.00) from Knitting At Knoon Designs. The yarn is Lorna's Laces Green Line Worsted in 6 colors.

Now we just need to find someone with two different-sized legs to wear these:

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