Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Nine thousand five hundred and sixty-eight, nine thousand five hundred and sixty-nine, nine thousand...."

It was a long two days, but we finally finished the inventory and the grand total for balls, hanks and skeins of yarn is... 12,101! Thatsalotta yarn.

Most of you guessed too low. Gretchen C. was a closest, so she wins the $25 store gift card.

Can you believe after all this, we're supposed to start buying Spring yarn?!? It's true; now's the season for retailers to order their Spring lines. Is it possible that a store with 12,101 balls of yarn doesn't have enough?

We've moved some stuff over to the sale area to make room. Stop by and help us out by carrying some of this away.

Meanwhile, Good News! Karen re-knit her too-small legwarmer and now has a handsome matched pair. "Never give up, never surrender" is our motto at Fresh Purls!

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