Friday, May 28, 2010

Wrap Race Rules and Regulations

On Tuesday your Wrap Racers – The Wool Whisperer, The Stockinette Southpaw, and The Knitting Ninja – will cast on their Everyday Wraps. To keep the competition clean our Race Judge (aka Karen) has established a few rules…

1. Racers may do a gauge swatch prior to the start of the race but may not cast on the project until 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1. Stop into the shop to see the beginning!

2. Racers may knit on the Everyday Wrap for a maximum of three hours each day until the project is completed.

3. Completed wrap dimensions must conform to the pattern (13" wide x 48" long). Modifications may be allowed at the discretion of the Race Judge.

4. Before a racer begins seaming their wrap for the final stages they must submit a photo of the wrap showing the correct dimensions or have it measured by the Race Judge.

And what, you ask, will the winner take home?

1. Bragging Rights as the fastest knitter on Hope Street.
2. Yarn given up by the racers for the Prize Purse:
654 yards of Sheepfeet from Sheep Shop (Stockinette Southpaw’s Stash)
435 yards of Pima Fresca from Queensland Collection (Knitting Ninja’s Stash)
160 meters of Tender from Lana Grossa (Wool Whisperer’s Stash)
153 yards of Chunky Cotton Chenille from Rowan (Wool Whisper’s Stash)
360 yards of Wick from Knit One Crochet Too (Wool Whisper’s Stash)

Have you voted for your winner yet? Vote and be entered to win a fun knitting prize! Votes must be entered before the start of the race on Tuesday. Email us or call in your vote!

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