Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Wrap Race: Day 1

The Amazing Wrap Race is off to a blistering start. All three of your racers cast and began the Everyday Wrap with minimal problems. The Stockinette Southpaw suffered a false start when the tail for her long-tail cast on fell short; The Knitting Ninja took the slow and steady approach using a knit cast on; and The Wool Whisper cast on calmly and serenely using her long tail cast on.

Things quickly went awry for The Wool Whisperer on Tuesday afternoon when she put her work down to assist a customer in the store, and then picked it up…knitting in the wrong direction! As you would expect of the Wool Whisperer, she had a piece of chocolate to steady herself and gamely ripped back to start anew.

The Stockinette Southpaw suffered a disastrous setback when she realized, after knitting 6.5” of the wrap in 90 minutes, that her gauge had changed overnight and the wrap was TOO NARROW. A tearful frogging session took place and she re-cast on, now knitting with a size 10 needle to compensate for the gauge change.

The Knitting Ninja continued her slow and steady pace, with no errors reported in the first 24 hour period.

At the end of the first day of knitting here are the standings:

3rd Place: The Wool Whisperer with 6.5”
2nd Place: The Stockinette Southpaw with 13”
1st Place: The Knitting Ninja with an astounding 15”

All three racers report that things are going smoothly now, although all say they are having troubles accidentally knitting into the stitch below where they should be. And the Knitting Ninja told of having to knit without the cooling benefit of the ceiling fan because it was blowing the fine yarn around.

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  1. Love the update!! This is so fun - makes me want to cast on....

    I am pulling for you wool whisperer!