Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What's On Our Needles: Last Week!

Here is a peek at what we were knitting last week…

Sherry is still working on the Brushed Suri Wrap from Blue Sky Alpacas. When she’s working on it it’s challenging to see all the lace work that has gone into it. But as you can see when it’s held up to the light there is quite a bit going on there. And when she’s finished blocking it…whooo boy! It’s going to be a favorite here in the shop!

Helen is getting ready for fall and winter running. She’s making legwarmers of her own design out of Serenknity’s sock yarn.

Becky got a bee in her bonnet to make the Lilith Shawl that Sarah made out of Louet’s Kidlin. But Becky had fallen for a different yarn – Symphony Lace from Tilli Tomas. It’s a silk/mohair blend with beads and a fine gold thread running through it. This is going to be her go-to piece for holiday parties. And maybe just for running to Stop & Shop on cool fall mornings. Who knows! It should be displayed in the shop soon, she just has to block it and finish the I-cords for sleeves.

Karen was working on the Lace Shrug in Vogue Knitting’s Early Fall issue. It’s the same one that Becky was working on the Manos Silk Blend. Karen is using Colinette’s Cadenza. The main color is Vatican Pie while the contrasting border colorway is Red Parrot. So fun!

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