Monday, August 16, 2010

Friends of Fresh Purls: Customer Profiles

We like to introduce some of our customers to you when we have the chance. If you'd like to be profiled, email and we'll get you on the schedule!

Name: Kate Mills

Ravelry Username: baconknits

Sign: Taurus

My hero is: Adam Richman (host of Man vs. Food)

Knit, Crochet, or Both: Both

Who taught you to knit/crochet? My mom taught me how to crochet (she's leftie, i however am not...), my friend Mary taught me how to knit. And all rue the day I started knitting.

Other crafts do you do: Sewing, gluing things to other things

Favorite Yarn: Cascade Eco-Wool. Hands down. You can do almost ANYTHING with it!

Favorite Color: Grey and all its iterations.

Favorite Completed Project: I am pretty darn fond of my Urban Beats Cowl

What do you listen to when you’re knitting? NPR & NCIS (yes, there is an NPR knitting group on Ravelry!)

Best TV show for knitting: NCIS

When you’re not knitting/crocheting you are: Working, walking, or cooking

How did you discover Fresh Purls?: Someone told me they had Eco-Wool, I dropped everything and ran there.

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