Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's On Our Needles: August 12

Here's a peek at what we've been working on this week:

Karen is committed to finishing the Commuter Knapsack in Knitting Green that we showed you last week too. She's made significant progress this week! Both of the side panels are complete, the straps are sewn on in the bottom seam, and the back panel with the leaf and waffle patterns is done. She's onto the front panel now. The knapsack is really cool. Hopefully one day next week it will be finished and displayed in the store. Keep your eye here and we'll post a pic of the finished product!

Sherry is still working on Rain, featured last week, but is also doing a sweater with Rowan's Kidsilk Haze. We're not sure what pattern she's following, but the blue she chose is perfect for her. And as you know if you followed the Amazing Wrap Race, the Gurls of Fresh Purls LOVE Kidsilk Haze. Hurry up and finish this one, Sherry!

spent the weekend doing the Whale Watch Hat from New England Knits, but she finished it too quickly for us to feature it here in What's On Our Needles. We hear it might be featured in a post soon though, so stay tuned. The hat behind her, Becky cast on the long-awaited sweater for her dad. He turned 60 this summer and she thought that deserved a hand-knit sweater. They both agreed it was needed in June, but it'd be nice for him to be able to wear it this fall! She's making Charles from Book 9 of the Queensland Collection. Instead of the recommended yarn she's using Dream In Color's Classy in Black Parade. The pattern is an easy four row repeat that creates an oblique rib. It's really pretty with lots of texture and subtle color changes in the yarn. And on size 9 needles she's hoping to finish the sweater in about three weeks!

Helen is finishing up her second teleidoscope "vest" that is really a shawl this week. She's working on the last "ring" of her final color. We told you about the beginning of this one back on June 16. Unfortunately we weren't able to get a photo of it. Sigh. When she brings in the final product we promise a photo!

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