Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh No! Fido!

Apparently, Berroco's Seduce yarn isn't seductive to just humans. Barbara models her unfinished "can-can" sweater from Berroco booklet 272, below.

See a problem? She had just finished sewing the shoulders together, when she left the room, leaving the body and sleeves laid out on the floor. "Lottie" her three-month-old Bernese Mountain puppy had not previously shown any interest in knitting....

You guessed it. By the time she walked back into the room, Lottie had modified the design of the sweater significantly. Everyone's a critic!

"Naughty Lottie! Bad girl!"

Dang! Who can stay mad at a face like that?


  1. Lottie is so beautiful who could stay mad at her for finding seduce so seductive!!! Great photos!!

  2. Lottie can get away with murder - nobody can resist that face - she is a really cute but mischievous puppy!!! Hope to see Barbara's sweater all fixed soon!